RYA Essential Navigation & Seamanship Interactive Theory Course


RYA Essential Navigation & Seamanship theory course has been introduced as part of RYA Interactive Online. The interactive course will provide the essential knowledge for you to go afloat and manage simple navigation and operate in a safe and seamanlike manner. In short this is the place to start no matter what type of boat you intend to take afloat.

The RYA Interactive e-learning platform means that from a place and time of your choice, using the best training models developed by experts at the RYA, you can teach and test yourself in just 5-6 hours at half the price and half the time commitment of a classroom course.

Accessing RYA Interactive couldn’t be easier. Simply purchase an enrolment code for the Essential Navigation & Seamanship course and then login at the RYA Interactive e-learning platform we provide. You can access the RYA Interactive platform immediately and get started but we will also send you a course pack with training charts and plotting equipment for use in the Navigation and Tidal elements of the course. These will enable you to gain hands on experience on real charts and plotting equipment, just like you would onboard, providing the best of both the interactive learning and hands on experience.