MCA Master 200 GT CoC / OOW 500 Oral Prep Course:

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Master 200 GT Oral Prep Course


What is Master 200 GT?

The MCA Master <200gt CoC / OOW 500 is an MCA issued certificate of competency for code vessels which has no vessel length limits. If you already hold a Yacht Master Ocean CoC then your Master 200 will be issued for use in an unlimited sea area whereas if you hold Yacht Master Offshore your 200 CoC will be restricted to 150miles offshore. With the Master 200 CoC you will also be awarded Officer Of the Watch (OOW) for use on vessels <500gt in an unlimited sea area.

Who is eligible?

Any person holding a minimum of a commercially endorsed Yacht Master Offshore CoC is eligible to take their Masters 200 provided that they also hold the following:

STWC-95 PSSR, STCW-95 Elementary First Aid, STWC-95 Personal Survival Training, STCW-95 Basic Fire Fighting, *GMDSS General (GOC) or Restricted (ROC) Operators Certificate, ENG 1 sea farers medical.

*a GOC will be required for those seeking an unlimited sea area on their CoC.

When can I take my oral exam?

If you can tick all of the above then you are nearly there, all you need now is an NOE - Notice Of Eligibility from the MCA. You can find an application form by clicking the link below. Once you have your NOE you can book your Oral Prep Course and your exam. We advise you sit your exam directly after completing your prep. We can book your exam for you if required.


Oral Prep' Course!

Our course has been put together by professionals and covers all topics within the MCA oral exam. We have years of experience and our research is compiled from previous exams along with input from retired examiners. Not only do we cover the topics likely to be asked during the exam, we also look at how they will be asked and techniques used to respond.

Course content:

Navigation, the sextant, meteorology, radar & plotting, passage planning, publications, M notices, ship / bridge procedures, marine pollution, COSWP, crew agreements, IRPCS / ROTR, taking over the watch, emergency procedures, passenger management... and much more...

Our classrooms are fully equipped with all publications and learning aids needed for a respectable pass. Our classrooms are also ideally located on the edge of two of the UK's busiest ports providing students with the opportunity to go outside and study real shipping and practice their ships lights and navigation.


We have agreements with local B&Bs and hotels and will organise accommodation for our students. 


"Course dates can be tailor made to suit your requirements once you have your NoE"


“Your pleasure is our business”