International Certificate of Competence (ICC)

If you are looking to take your own or hire a boat abroad, many countries now insist on the ICC as a formal qualification for at least one person on board.

Essentially, the ICC Power license has 3 categories. When an ICC certificate is issued, only the categories for which competence has been proven will be validated. Categories are as follows: 

Power up to 10m ICC (Coastal or Inland)
(Best way to obtain by undertaking the 2 day RYA National Powerboat Level 2 Certification)
RYA Level 2 National Powerboat Course


Power over 10m up to 24m/80Tonnes ICC (Coastal or Inland)
Ring to arrange an ICC over 10m assessment onboard a 45foot cruiser based in Liverpool Mariner.

Personal Watercraft (PWC) 

(Best way to obtain by undertaking the 2 day RYA National Powerboat Level 2 Certification which will then also include by the RYA to include both certificates for 1 price)
RYA Level 2 National Powerboat Course

We can also offer the CEVNI endorsement to the ICC, which is essential if you wish to travel the inland waterways.
(Best way to obtain by undertaking a short online interactive course)

Aim: To teach the skills and techniques required to obtain the International Certificate of Competence (ICC) including boat handling, Navigation Theory, Pilotage, Regulations, Safety, man overboard.

Experience required: Some previous boat handling would be an advantage.

Duration: This will be dependent on experience if candidate has little experience 1 / 5 days. If candidate can demonstrate competence in all areas a direct assessment can be offered.

Cruising area: Liverpool Bay


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